indoor programs

here are some of our indoor teambuilding and teambonding games to give you an idea of what we do:

änergy paramount conquest (indoor, small or large group)

learning values
1) importance of time management and optimal resource allocation
2) planning is vital for success
3) every team member plays a crucial role
4) delegation is essential to be effective
5) members should learn to take initiative, be proactive and be able to cover each other’s duties
6) heeding the advice of predecessors

ideal for leadership training, time management and team building

game details:

- time is a precious commodity in this ‘real-time’ board game developed by änergy, where teams plan their journey up and down a mountain via a choice of 4 inter-linked routes. their mission — to harvest the resources found at the peak of the mountain

- in their quest to reach and return from the mountain peak, they have to brave daily weather conditions, mountain bandits and manage their resources in a race against time

- elements of chance, prudent planning and group dynamics come into play on this exhilarating journey (trust us, we can make this physically challenging too, if that’s what you are looking for!)

änergy DISC team talk (indoor, small or large group)

learning values
1) importance of understanding one another
2) motivating a team
3) delegation of duties
4) communication
5) conflict resolution/prevention
6) being a team player

ideal for leadership training, team building, conflict resolution

during the workshop, participants will learn:

- to read the profile instrument and learn about the personalities of themselves as well as their colleagues

- motivations of different personality types

- how different personalities process information and communicate

- how different personalities perceive confrontations and resolve conflicts

- they will also learn to leverage on the strengths of one another and be better team players.

änergy brains, brawn & bucks (indoor, small or large group)

learning values
1) recognize and appreciate that each individual has ‘intelligences’ in different areas, other than merely IQ
2) leveraging on different team members’ abilities to produce optimal results, instead of depending on individual efforts
3) learning that we can improve on our weak spots through practice

ideal for big groups, indoors

game details:

- adapted from Dr. Howard Gardner’s research on multiple intelligences, this indoor game allows participants to exhibit these intelligences, recognise the different types of existing intelligences, and leverage on one another’s expertise

- in teams, participants will compete against other teams to answer quizzes that test their logical, mathematical, artistic, kinesthetic and linguistic skills – their ultimate goal, to achieve the highest score to win the game

- game play includes 3 types of segments: compulsory questions, sets of questions and ‘All Play’, where all teams concurrently complete questions that test their memory, sense of taste and smell

- level of difficulty can be customised to suit the participants’ profile

änergy team builder (indoor, small or large group)

learning values
1) placing team goals & objectives ahead of personal interests
2) inter-departmental working relations & communication
3) resourcefulness & adaptability in the face of changes
4) delegation of duties among team members & monitoring of tasks meted out
5) the need to allocate & prioritize when working on multiple tasks
6) creative use of resources & innovation in the design of the structure

suitable for both small & large groups, indoor/outdoor

game details:

- a creative building game that incorporates ‘job rotation’, ‘mergers’ and ‘additional tasks’ to simulate real working conditions, and to encourage teamwork, interaction and collaboration within and among teams

- team members have to re-organise & adapt to the new environment & changes

contact our änergy team to enquire about other programs.

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