indoor teambuilding

indoor teambuilding has a lot of advantages. first of all, not everyone is keen to go outdoors and get wet and sticky (we do! but the point is, not everyone does). So, for those who prefer having teambuilding indoors, the good news is, we've got lots of indoor teambuilding programmes as well. (click here if you prefer outdoor teambuilding)

now one of the most important advantages of having indoor teambuilding is that everyone can participate. In some cases, we are even able to choose teambuilding exercises such that people who are partially physically impaired can take part.

1) less physical
2) more choices of training aids
3) no need to worry about wet weather programs
4) more conducive for group discussions
5) training portion can be more in-depth

1) may not be as refreshing for staff who frequently attend training (compare with outdoor teambuilding)
2) tend to be more costly (due to function room rental or seminar packages)

ideal for small departments, department leaders and/or managers, resolving conflicts.

usually, in a big group setting, unless requested by our clients to do solely indoors or outdoors, we will advise them to do have a mixture of indoor and outdoor teambuilding activities to cater to the preferences of different people.

contact our änergy team to enquire about our programs.

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