änergy adventures (outdoor, small or large group, local or overseas)

team learning values
1) importance of planning
2) delegation of duties
3) seeking advice
other learning values can be cutomised

ideal for teambonding and leadership training

game details:

- in teams, participants compete against each other in a series of races and treasure hunts in either by public transport or in passenger vehicles
- scores will be computed based on tasked completed as well as clues needed to completed the race
- we have done this locally and in overseas

änergy after dark adventures (outdoor, small to medium group)

learning values
1 ) trusting one another
2 ) boosting self-confidence when traveling in unknown terrains
3 ) team members to look out for, take care of & encourage one another

ideal for smaller group sizes, indoors/outdoors

game details:

- blindfolded participants journey into the chosen venue, taking turns to be to lead the team

- during their journey, they have to either:
a) accomplish tasks to earn materials for a task at the end (trekking); or
b) search for hidden items that will help in their task at the end (disused building)
their task at the end is to compete to retrieve a ‘priceless ming vase’ from a protected enemy base, in the quickest time

änergy vehicular rally

1) to foster bonding and interaction among small groups
2) visit interesting places and/or visit cafes/restaurants that serve savory food in Singapore

ideal for team-bonding & recreation events

game details:

- participants form teams of 4 (travelling at 80km/hr) or 10 (travelling at 60km/hr) and embark on a car rally around Singapore island

- themes available are: makan rally, ethnic trail & gone were the days

the game can be planned to get participants to complete tasks at each station or just to locate clues at the checkpoints.

contact our änergy team to enquire about other programs.

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