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Combat Skirmish's equipment was started in early 2006. It is a popular sport in 22 countries around the globe, including Singapore. Combat Skirmish Singapore is the only company that provides outdoor infra-red powered combat simulation games.

Why play Combat Skirmish?

Combat Skirmish has been used for the following:
Leadership Training
Communication Training

Private Parties
Fun Games

Combat Skirmish is ideal for teambuilding and related training as we do not track individual performance but rather we monitor the performance of the team as a whole. Stronger players will have to help out weaker players to ensure that the team wins!

Using scenarios that are designed to bring out specific learning values, we are able to use this interesting game to bring out important learning values.

Combat Skirmish vs. Paintball
(combat skirmish is not paintball)

Guns used in Paintball, as the name suggests, shoots out coloured pallets using compressed carbon dioxide guns. It has a age limit of 18 (required by law), kids from 15 to 17 will require parental consent to play this combat game. Paintball can only be played at designated areas and usually the game involves 2 teams of 5 aside. Participants will need to wear some protective clothing together with masks, long sleeve shirts and long pants (we suggest jeans) to play this game. It can be painful when you are hit, especially at close range, sometimes bruising may occur. Having said that, we do know of some people who love the idea of shooting people (physically) & inflicting pain. haha..

The weapons used in Combat Skirmish, on the other hand, are custom made for combat simulation purposes. They use infra-red beams, the same technology that our television remote controllers use. It runs on batteries, shoots out harmless infra-red rays and makes some noises as it does so. Our combat simulation games does not involve projectiles therefore making it safe to use in any indoor or outdoor settings. It is suitable for anyone who likes combat games, who enjoy a little bit of running around and dodging opponents' fire, and people who are not too keen on getting any form of pain or bruising from the shooting. It is also safe for children as young as 5 years of age (with parental supervision). Being non-contact in nature, Combat Skirmish is more acceptable to ladies and children.

Combat Skirmish vs. Laser Tag

The factor that distinguishes Combat Skirmish from laser tag is that Combat Skirmish can be played outdoors under broad daylight and it is mobile, meaning the equipment can come right to your doorstep (provided the building management approves). Laser tag is usually played in a dark room and the class 1 laser (also harmless to human beings) need the controlled environment to work well. They also have sensors built at the premise to track the individual scores of players. Combat Skirmish can be played in any open areas, under daylight, sheltered areas or at night. Combat Skirmish does not track individual scores, instead we track team performances.

Weapons used in Combat Skirmish

The weapons used in Combat Skirmish are realistically built to simulate real weapons. The Spitfire and Scorpion weigh around 2 kg and the Commando Carbine is about 3kg. They also spot realistic reloading time and clip sizes (the number of "rounds/ammunition" in a magazine). The Scorpion is designed for close quarter combat and therefore has a range of about 60m. the Spitfire emulates a mid range assault weapon and has a range of about 80m. The Commando Carbine has the longest range and if you were to use it, you will probably be hiding somewhere far away and shooting at your enemies (up to 120m!).

The weight of the guns adds another dimension to the combat game, especially when doing training or teambuilding. It deters participants from dashing around aimlessly and "forces" them to take time to strategise, think and delegate duties before carrying out missions.

Where can we play Combat Skirmish?

Combat Skirmish is safe to play at most parks, condominiums, open fields or even inside buildings. We will only need the approval from the relevant authorities. It does not involve any projectiles and therefore will not leave any mess. Combat Skirmish is also the only combat simulation game in Singapore that is able to accommodate up to 35 players at one go! That means, less time waiting and more time playing! The minimum number of people required to play Combat Skirmish (in a private booking) is 10, however, we do hold weekly public shootouts where individuals can participate. Drop us an enquiry to be included in the mailing list.

änergy is proud to present this exciting sport to Singapore, to provide another quality teambuilding game for Singaporeans.

Combat Skirmish can be used to impart learning values like leadership, delegation, team building, and communication. It is an excellent choice for staff retreats, team bonding and family days.

contact us to find out more. Drop us an email today!

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