team building for the whole company

should a team building session held at a company level or in small groups in different batches? our advice to our clients is usually - to do both, at different times of course.

having the whole company go through a team building programme is a privilege in Singapore. Due to work commitment, some of our clients cannot afford to take so much time off work. For example, companies in the retail line, some production line and other service lines that does shift work have to take turns to go for team building programmes.

on the other hand, it is not always ideal to have the whole company team build together, especially if there are issues to resolve within a team or if we wish to ensure maximum involvement and interaction between participants within the team. briefly, large group team building are great for kick off meetings, incentive retreats and perhaps motivational sessions.

small group team building will be suitable when specific issues are to be addressed, or some in-depth training is involved, like DISC personality workshop.

1) platform for all interaction between teams
2) instils a sense of belonging between teams
3) good chance to resolve issues between teams, departments, management and staff
4) economies of scale in terms of cost

1) may become a massive event for some companies
2) may be difficult to source for venue for some companies
3) training portion of teambuilding cannot be too in-depth
4) any observation by facilitators cannot be too detailed

ideal for celebrations, anniversaries, retreats or staff motivation.

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