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teambuilding through active sports

for some people there is something magical about going through physical challenges together (people who play sports or have been through military style training will understand). somehow such situations just creates a bond that is difficult to comprehend. some people may wonder what type of active sports can one do in Singapore - a nation well known for eating, shopping and going to the movies?

at änergy, we offer a myriad of active outdoor games or events to team build and team bond in or outside Singapore.

one very interesting team building game that cannot be missed is the new real-life combat skirmish/shooting game which uses electronic guns with sensors. you may follow this link to read more about this unique combat game.

advantages of team building through active sports

1) refreshing for most people
2) lasting sense of accomplishment when extremely challenging goals are achieved
3) good chance to see how staff react when pushed to their limits


1) may be too physical for some
2) if not managed properly, may bring out negative behaviour
3) specialised equipment and trainers may be required

ideal for small groups, leadership training, resolving conflicts & bonding

contact our änergy team to enquire about our programs.

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